Subdivision & private Road Paving

Eagle Asphalt CA specializes in Subdivision & Private Road Paving Services. We are your one-stop pavement and asphalt solution!

Road paving services refer to the process of constructing and maintaining roads, highways, and other paved surfaces. This involves a variety of tasks such as excavation, grading, laying down a base layer, and finally applying asphalt or concrete.

The first step in road paving is excavation, which involves removing any existing pavement or debris from the site. This is typically done using heavy machinery such as excavators and bulldozers. Once the site is cleared, the area is graded to ensure proper drainage and a level surface for the road.

Next, a base layer is laid down to provide a stable foundation for the road. This layer is usually made up of crushed stone or gravel and is compacted to ensure it is firm and level. The thickness of this layer varies depending on the type of road being constructed and the expected traffic load.

Finally, asphalt or concrete is applied to the base layer to create the finished road surface. Asphalt is the most common material used for road construction due to its durability and flexibility. It is applied in layers using specialized equipment that heats the asphalt to make it more pliable.

Concrete can also be used for road construction, but it is typically reserved for high-traffic areas such as highways. Concrete roads are more expensive to construct but are more durable than asphalt and require less maintenance over time.

In addition to construction, road paving services also include maintenance and repair. This involves filling in potholes, repairing cracks in the pavement, and repaving sections of the road that have deteriorated over time.

Overall, road paving services are essential for creating safe and reliable transportation infrastructure. Without proper paving, roads can quickly become hazardous for drivers and pedestrians alike.